As we head into the new cold season, we might need to revamp our living spaces. This can be achieved easily and lightly. Basically, since we won’t be able to enjoy the outdoors, we bring the outdoors inside which can be influenced by colour, texture and lighting among many more. To help you transition to more contemporary designs, here are some ideas.

Cosy Textures

This is one of the major ways to make your home more welcoming and warm during this season. The use of cashmere or wool throws and cotton quilts will increase the warmth in your space. Sewn extras are taking the spotlight this colder time of year, with sewed puffs and enormous stout link sews supplanting unpretentious weaves. Materials can take up different structures too. Simply hidden stools are extraordinary for added seating, while sheepskin carpets offer a warm underneath on snowy days.

Retro Vibe

This can be enhanced by putting around simple plant pots around the space, This adds texture to space and also increases the outdoorsy vibe in the space.

Wooden Elements

To increase the outdoorsy vibe, one can use exposed wooden features such as the exposed wooden ceiling beams, Artificial wooden walls or wooden floors. To make it more exciting you can stump it with a rustic dining table which can be host to warm beverages giving it a warm cottage kinda vibe.

Add of Nature

This can be influenced by the use of light natural colours on the interior. A simple light green paint on the back walls will prompt a natural feel. Use of fabrics printed with wild animals also brings the feel of nature close to home as it also adds on to the texture of the space.

Candle Lighting

To giving your space a more cosy mood one can use either artificial or natural candles. This may, however, be limited either by the people around especially if there are kids running around, you can lean towards artificial ones which are safer. On safer spaces, you can even add scented candles to give it a homely atmosphere.

Natural Lighting

Since most of the time you’ll be indoors with your family and friends, one may need to save on energy. You can incorporate the use of natural light. This can be enhanced by painting and using furniture in light colours. This allows the flooding light from the exterior to bounce off and flood the room with light during daytime hours.