A sideboard shouldn’t just be a storage or a dumping spot for rarely-used dinnerware. It should be a statement for your hallway, dining room, bedroom, or living room. It should be well-kept and styled since its large surface provides an ample surface for displaying lighting, art, accessories, potted plants, photos, and many more. Here are clever tips for inspiration.

Pick a theme

Your sideboard style should match your house’s interior style. Whether you want a sideboard with earthy shades like greens and blues for your hallway or one with tropical themes for your dining room, make sure it will match with the room it will live in.

Let your artwork shine

If you have a photo or a large artwork you’ve always wanted to display in your house, this is the time to unleash it on your sideboard. Place it on the top and surround it with different sorts of indoor plants. Remember to balance everything to let the piece shine.

Bring plants on board

Bringing in various types of indoor plants is the cheapest and simplest way to style your sideboard. It could be a string of pearls, monstera plant, beautiful succulents, and other Instagram-worthy plants such as desert gems or snake plants. Besides enlivening your space, plants will also freshen the air you breathe, and help to improve your productivity.

Go the natural way

Stack your favourite book collection on the sides to style your console in a functional way. Stack them either vertically or horizontally to give a refined look. Add trays as styling props and life-like décors like a candle, a chic accessory, or a small plant. Keep an eye on the colour, size, and height of all items on and surrounding your sideboard.

The media centre

A modern sideboard makes an amazing media centre and particularly useful for those who move frequently. Although most people are moving with the current trend of streaming entertainment on laptops and cell phones, sideboards and media consoles are still as strong as before. Mount your TV above the sideboard or place it on top to keep things flexible and simple.

Muted metals

Let your sideboard shine with an array of metallic accents. When choosing a new sideboard, pick a longer unit, as it offers more décor. Mix up metallic accessories and vases with coffee table books to offer a calm appearance on the large surface.

There are thousands of ways to style your sideboard. However, you need to keep your fingers on how it matches with your home style and décor. That will make or break a one-in-a-million design statement.